10 Finance Apps Apps Ideas for FinTech Startups 2021

The introduction of technology in the banking and financial business has completely altered the landscape. Fintech, or the combination of finance and technology, has not only improved the ecosystem's ease, but has also made it more safe, rapid, and profitable.

It has provided new chances, catered to the demands of the underprivileged population, and even had a big impact on other enterprises.

Assuming you're an entrepreneur who wants to be a part of this burgeoning industry but isn't sure what fintech company ideas will dominate the field, we'll go through 17 various options here. You may also increase the likelihood of your business's success by preparing your fintech company to avoid failure.

So, take a seat on a nice couch and begin scrolling down.

1. Online banking

In only six years, there has been a paradigm change in the usage of digital banking techniques. Today, about 69 percent of clients utilize online banking and mobile banking apps to do day-to-day chores efficiently and independently.

Viewing account balances, downloading e-statements, adding beneficiaries, and completing IMPS and third-party transactions are all examples, a good example is the use of fnb universal branch code to transfer money in South Africa

Bank clients may avoid long lines at banks and ATMs because most payment operations can be done using netbanking and mobile banking apps.

Government digitalization policies, uncertain periods like as the COVID-19 epidemic, effective security measures imposed by banks, and other factors all contribute to the adoption of these applications. As a result, developing a digital banking app is a fantastic finance business concept.

2. Investment and Trading Application

A reliable finance apps can perform day-to-day financial operations, transfer funds to investment accounts, and track expenditures. That is why many individuals watch their accounts in real time, which allows them to learn about the markets and other topics.

This is a revolution in the realm of digital payments since it provides users with the benefit of monitoring their bank accounts and automatically investing any extra income in various resources.

As a result, it is critical to contact an Insurance app development business for investing and trading, such as holding, selling, and buying stocks, FX, cryptocurrencies, fund shares, and more.

3. Loan and Credit Application

Wouldn't it be great if you could have your loan authorized with a few easy clicks on your smartphone screen? It enters the scene thanks to the loan and credit finance app concept. An app that allows users to apply for a loan is a fantastic company idea in the Fintech sector.

It also serves as a bridge between lenders and borrowers in P2P lending apps. On this platform, lenders and borrowers may connect and meet each other's requirements without the involvement of a third party or control over the loan.

Furthermore, it eliminates the requirement to employ a bank or financial institution to carry out credit transactions. Furthermore, the credit and loan app allows consumers to establish a loan rate limit and haggle with the lender on the interest rate.

Isn't it a revolutionary concept to eliminate the necessity for intermediaries and bank authority in the loan and credit system?

Furthermore, customers can obtain low-interest personal loans, house loans, vehicle loans, business loans, and other types of loans from a reputable lender.

4. Blockchain application

People are adopting cryptocurrencies to perform online transactions, and blockchain is growing by the day. As a result, establishing a blockchain apps that allows users to transact with cryptocurrencies might be a profitable alternative for your firm.

Some of the applications that are already available on the market are Veem, Circle, LAToken, PayStand, and We.trade.

If you want to create this sort of app, you may look at Veem or other apps to learn about their business model, monetization approach, and other features.

5. Apps for Insurtech

Insurance is the most beneficial financial service for any banking or financial company. FinTech applications integrate AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Machine Learning to provide their consumers with world-class financial services.

They can swiftly assess large amounts of data pertaining to customer knowledge, consumer behavior, and market trends.

Insurtech applications provide highly sophisticated and individualized risk assessments and solutions. Using FinTech app solutions, insurance businesses may speed up procedures and increase the quality of their client service.

6. Apps for RegTech

Regulatory Technology (abbreviated RegTech) is an important component of the Fintech business. RegTech apps uses Big Data, AI, Cybersecurity, Data Mining, Regulatory Sandbox, Machine Learning, and even Blockchain to assist businesses in managing regulatory compliance, monitoring transactions, compiling reports, reducing financial risks, and detecting fraud or laundering.

Although the name "RegTech" is not new, it is one of the fastest-growing financial apps and is worth investing in.

7. App for Personal Finance Management

The most intriguing mobile app concept to invest in is a personal finance management app. Finance entrepreneurs should explore establishing a personal finance apps that will help users manage their accounts, income, and expenses in the most convenient way possible.

Furthermore, it would allow app users to classify various spending, revenues, and budgets in order to track everything with a single click.

The finance management apps also makes it simple to visualize data and follow expenditure patterns. Allow consumers to link all bank and credit card accounts, monthly payments, and other financial accounts so that their finances are all in one spot. Users will be kept up to date on payment reminders thanks to real-time updates and alerts.

8. Finance App for E-Wallets / M-Wallets

When carrying currency proved inconvenient, 'plastic money' was invented. It's time to say goodbye to plastic money, because we're now dealing with an even better method of payment, digital money.

E-wallets are widely used across the world and are rapidly expanding. Its worth was about $16.65 billion in 2013, but it is expected that the digital wallet industry would grow to an astonishing $7581.91 billion!

People gain from utilizing these apps because they receive incentives, cash backs, and gift certificates when they pay with these digital wallets.

E-wallets include apps such as Apple Pay, Alipay, and PayPal. When more people are aware of this, there is no doubt that its graph will soar to new heights, and one should invest in it.

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